How much do milkshakes truly mean to you? For many of us, they evoke nostalgia, a sweet treat reminiscent of a liquified ice cream cone. But for Yahia Zaky, the founder and CEO of London-based hotspot Yaya Shakes, milkshakes are much more than that – he's on a mission to redefine the sacred milkshake in our hearts and minds.

To Yaya, milkshakes embody pure joy. That's why he takes them so seriously, ensuring his creations are made with more ice cream than milk and shaken to perfection. For him, it's not just a necessary procedure; it's a powerful metaphor for life. No matter how much life shakes you up, you must settle down, regain your strength, and rise again. And what better way to do so than with a custom-topped Yaya shake in hand?

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