Acai- say whaaaaaaat? Acai berry has left the Amazon rainforest and has joined us here in Cairo! Ole Nutrients finally has this superfood in their stores! If you didn’t know already, acai is a high-antioxidant super berry packed with hundreds of different essential nutrients. Their acai powder is 100% organic and freeze-dried to ensure it retains all of its vital nutrients and the delicious flavour of the actual fresh fruit. 

You can now make those beautiful IG-worthy acai bowls. If you feel like that's too much work, you can literally add it to any one of your smoothies or oatmeal bowls or anything tbh. If you eat the powder alone, it’ll taste like unsweetened chocolate. If added to any other recipe other than acai bowls, it literally won't make a difference in its taste and will add a beautiful purple colour so why not? So you might as well just add it into everything you eat. Oh, and if you're one of those humans who are actually going to opt for the last option, then you should check out their blue spirulina, matcha and pink pataya for some colours in your life.