Say hello, or should we say, cheerio to The Smith: a cafe that looks like the inside of a British Village but with better food. The cosiness, the good company, the yum food, everything that Britain has can now be found in Egypt. 

The Smith is located in probably one of the most vintage vibes-inducing places in Cairo, Heliopolis, matching the concept of the cafe so perfectly. Out of all countries, why did they decide to inspire it after Britain? Easy! They wanted to bring back the nostalgia, to take your mind back in time and put your happy memories on replay to ease our crazy stressed minds we have today. 

This is literally the place you go to to get rid of a bad day and just remember the good ole’ days when you were stress free and relaxed.

Nothing goes better with a stress-free mind than delicious food. The Smith also has an international food menu along with a long list of delicious beverages! So whatever ethnicity you’re feeling, you’ll be sure to find it.