In case you get the memo, there’s a new type of chicken in town: air-chilled chicken. Air-chilled chicken is chicken that’s been cooled in a specific way during processing at a temperature of 4.4°C  for up to three hours. The whole process works by blasting the chicken with a pure form of cold air or cooling them quickly with cold air chambers, and through that process, improving flavour and texture, reducing the risk of the growth of bacteria and reducing the potential of food-borne illness. To put it in foodie terms, it results in super tender, flavourful chicken that cooks much faster than regular chicken so you hustle through your day freely. Today, we present to you @temry.chicken, the company offering Egypt’s first-ever air-chilled chicken. 

Temry offer uncooked chicken fillet, shish tawook, chicken wings, thighs, liver, drumsticks and whole chickens. Other than the chicken, the brand offers many recipes on their Instagram page showing you how to make dishes that will bring out the flavour of their juicy chicken.

Temry provide home delivery via 15107.