A late-night staple that goes against every nutritionist’s dietary advice, Alban Swesra has maintained its status as an Alexandrian culinary landmark for years.

No one’s sure if it’s actually Swiss (but word of mouth on the street says it is); all we know is that the spot’s dairy-heavy dishes are a necessary cornerstone in every Egyptian’s life. What do you really know about Egyptian, namely Alexandrian, culture if you haven’t fallen victim to a food coma following a thick and creamy Sakalans (a classic fino ‘hero’ bread stuffed with halawa and eshta) or a roumy-heavy cheese platter? 

On your next years-in-the-making, Fairuz-by-the-sea winter day trip to Alexandria, make sure to add the country’s dairy capital to your itinerary, preferably for dinner to ensure peaceful train dozing.