A third into the holy month, it’s safe to say that, across extravagant ozoomahs and rasping suhoors, we’re growing a little tired of our favourite seasonal drinks. Don’t get us wrong, nothing can ever complete post-iftar card games like a good glass of sobia, but at what point does getting your daily eight glasses - in juice form - become regressive?

To keep our palates eternally refreshed, New Cairo’s Anast has crafted a delicious line-up of festive drinks in soft-serve form, spanning Karkadeh (or ‘ennab if you’re quirky), Tamr Hindy and Amar El-Din. The sweetery also put together an exciting Ramadan special, the Anastoota, combining layers of kunafa (or cake, but that’s irrelevant), chocolate, banana and soft serve ice cream to taste.