Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Baba Gedo Merges Homemade Sandwiches With an Old-School Diner Flair

Baba Gedo is the Alexandria-based family making food to be shared.

Layla Raik

As children, our worst days would be elevated with a simple “Baba, Gedo!” that would have us reunited with the highest heaven a child can imagine: the warm embrace of their loving grandparents. Today, the ‘Baba Gedo’ keeping us sane is an Egyptian sandwich spot nestled in the heart of Alexandria, where a tasteful gallery of 10-centimetre-long sandwiches resides.

The second product of founder Mahmoud Shaker’s brigades in the food and beverage industry, Baba Gedo came as the fortuitous lovechild between Mahmoud’s beloved home cuisine and a learned longing for Western edge. This cultural matrimony can be sniffed the second you walk through the Baba Gedo door, apparent even from its name:

“We chose the name ‘Baba جدو’ because it’s a simple name that merges both languages, and so stands for our restaurant’s cuisine,” Shaker tells Scene Eats. “It’s like when we were little, we would always say, 'I want ‘baba gedo’” to see our grandfathers, which matches our theme.”

In short, the restaurant is keeping our traditions in place by making it so that we always want a Baba Gedo of some sort. So, what is it that Baba Gedo does? The answer is in however many 4-inch sandwiches you can fit in your belly at any given time. Made for sharing, Baba Gedo’s sandwiches are the perfect stackable size, made that way so that visitors, as ravenous or as picky as they come, can mix and match as many sandwiches as they want.

“Our main goal with Baba Gedo was to create food that binds people together; food that creates a medium for connection.”

The spot’s sammiches come in one shape, one size, but all the different flavours. After you cleanse your palette with Mexican hot dogs, cheese sujuk and smokey shish taouk sandwiches, you could take a hike up the Baba Gedo menu and still maintain an appetite for dessert - Kinder Halawa, anyone?

Naturally, since they’re created for sharing, Baba Gedo’s treats come in shareable boxes perfect for picnic hangouts and last-minute home ordering.


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