After making group chat headlines as the go-to truck at COP27, Baladi Awi has been manoeuvring its way around the city, one food truck at a time. A little fancier than a regular oriental food cart but just as tasty, Baladi Awi brings Egyptian street food to places overridden with Western cuisine. 

Serving the classics: foul and ta’amiya, with a few extra twists, the food truck makes your mid-morning shopping interesting again. Who could say no to a Baladi Awi speciality cheese-covered ta’amiya sandwich in between their D&G and Desigual escapades? . 

Baladi Awi’s merits don’t end by lunchtime, the spot also serves as the perfect ‘kebda’ joint after hours spot, bringing you the traditional street delicacy with a garlic dip twist. In addition to satiating morning and afternoon hunger pangs, the truck has mastered the art of Egypt’s favourite all-in-one nutrition shot, beef hawawshi (both sans-cheese and with). 

Hopping on the Egyptian shawarma bandwagon but a little more festive, Baladi Awi’s Party Box serves you a dozen of your choice of shawarma-in-a-bun for the discounted price of EGP 310 per dozen, making it the perfect munchable treat for pre-final cramming sessions. 

The food truck is available at Polaris, Telal and Swan Lake New Cairo and Sodic West Hub in Zayed. They also deliver in New Cairo and Zayed at 01111266330 and 01111266440 respectively.