If you, like us, have just been rewatching Kim Possible for the nostalgia mixed with the primal need for a trustworthy superhero amidst these end of year blues - developing an insatiable need for tacos in the process - we have the perfect upscale New Cairo Mexican eatery to bring your childhood fantasies closer, Bonita.

Bringing an air of opulent dining to the classic taquero experience, Bonita brings the beauty and liveliness its name implies to their upscale Tagamoa eatery. Complete with sombrero lamps and a Frida Kahlo mural, Bonita ignites every feminist and their mum’s need to imbue their Instagram with red neon signs galore. 

There are endless types of people in a Mexican restaurant: the religious quesadilla worshippers, the lost salad-orderers, the classic taco go-getters and the burrito tacklers. At Bonita, everyone is welcomed with a comprehensive menu that tells you all you need to know and serves you top-notch Mexican delicacies. Whether you go for the grilled tenderloin & beans salad, fried shrimp taco, braised beef brisket burrito or a loaded hot dog with slow-cooked short ribs - Bonita is bound to concoct something magnificent for your sombrero-clad munchies. 

What better way to fill emotional hunger pangs after whatever feast you ended up with than a good old churro? Nutella, lotus, salted caramel or surrounding a scoop of ice cream, Bonita’s treats are just what you need for a sweet end to the day.