Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Cairo's Souffle Has Been Handcrafting Desserts Since 1986

This age-old dessert house is the Tolstoy of Cairene patisseries.

Layla Raik

As a million little bakeries rise to fame with their own unique iterations of French delicacies, one is often left to mull over the favourites of the past, the desserts our parents charmed one another with on their versions of last-minute car dates. When it comes down to it, it’s these patisseries, ones like 1986-founded Zamalek hot spot Soufflé, that have mastered their trade to a point beyond question.

As classics go, it’s always the Tolstoys of this world that are overpowered by the Colleen Hoovers, simply because the former maintain their mysterious allure and thrill of inaccessibility. While we’d hate to sog the secretive girl appeal that Soufflé has going on, there are a few secrets of the trade we cannot gatekeep, like how utterly whimsical their hazelnut-and-chocolate-filled Mocha pyramid is, or how their delicate mille-feuilles are a staple at any sweet-toothed gathering.

Having supplied the celebrations of the milestones lining our lives and the lives of those before us, Soufflé’s kahk, preferably paired with their stylish sandwich tower, is the lifelong companion underscoring engagements, weddings, baby showers and whatever it is single people get to celebrate.


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