Do you remember in cartoons how they used to differentiate girl and boy animals? Picture this: a busty animated chicken with long lashes and a full, red pout. Doesn’t sound so far off from how they actually draw them. Well, that chicken is actually real now. Her name is Chickira, similar in likeness to Shakira but instead of hips, her wings don’t lie. 

The mystery chick is waltzing down Alexandria streets as we speak. Living on Gleem Bay specifically, she’s dishing out all sorts of good things. We’re talking buckets of thighs, wings, breasts, you name it. We’re talking about fried chicken here, get your head out of the gutter.

The Alexandria eatery also serves up gorg sandwiches and sides, including macaroni and cheese, cheese fries, and rizo bowls. Visit them in person and enjoy a dinner on the sparkling sea, or call them up on +2 0111 888 5238 and say “Ayooo?”