Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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City Mart Delivers Your Fav Snacks 24/7 and That's the Tea, Sis

With three branches in Cairo and delivery throughout neighboring districts, City Mart is pretty much sponsoring all our snack-tivities until further notice.

Zeina Ali

The thrill of walking into a convenience store in the middle of the night and picking up shamefully excessive amounts of snacks is paralleled by very little else. City Mart is the embodiment of that understated yet unrivaled joy, and that’s the tea, sis. 

Open 24/7, City Mart offers the range of all your favourite brands of chips in all flavors, every type and size of our best-loved bars of chocolate, biscuits and cookies galore, and of course, all the sugary fizzy sodas and juice boxes that you have (and haven’t) heard of. They said variety. 

If you’re feeling particularly bougie and too good for commercial snackies, City Mart’s in-house kitchen also prepares fresh sandwiches, subs, wraps, and salads for even the pseudo-health geeks of the bunch. A store with such broad variety obviously wouldn’t forget the liquid gold this generation practically runs on-- coffee. City Mart brews up all your caffeinated requests, dreams, and aspirations around the clock. If you’re too vanilla for caffeine, they’ve got your back, too, with all sorts of fun and fruity milkshakes and fresh juice blends. 

You can find City Mart’s stores in Almazah and El Horeya in Heliopolis, as well as Mokattam St. 9, or even make your order online on their website.


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