Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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Clay: Immersive Dining in the Heart of Heliopolis

Clay is the new hidden terrestrial heaven grounding us in the here and now amidst the Masr El Gedida hustle and bustle.

Layla Raik

If it’s true that the eyes eat first, then you’re getting a feast for your senses at the new it-girl terrene-scaped Korba eatery: Clay. The earthly paradise is hidden in the crevices of Masr ElGedida’s Thawra Street and is currently leading the silent revolution on experiential eating.
Serving a delicious blend of modern and retro architecture that is somehow both reminiscent of your grandparents’ summer home and that one influencer’s living room, Clay carries the same energy into its dishes: classics with a twist. Take, for example, their perfectly shareable brisket taco tray, or their Sicillian arancini. And all the more sweet is their honey crispy halloumi, a perfectly concocted phyllo-dough-wrapped halloumi treat glazed in honey that’ll get all of your taste bud fleets involved. 

Off to an appetising start, that is, if you didn’t fall into the appetiser mix-and-match rookie mistake and are rendered too full for even the drinks menu, Clay’s main dishes are a sight for sore eyes and hungry hearts (yes, hearts. It’s been a hard week). From taste-conservative-yet-delicious picky eater favourites like the classic steak and fries to the more explorative risotto-paired braised lamb shank or chicken pesto pasta fiasco. 

As for the desserts, Clay channels experimentation with dishes that look more like art or a parent-aided 6th-grade science fair project and are just as creative. A prime example is their caramel popcorn cheesecake, an option braved only by those willing to explore new horizons of cuisine fusions.


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