Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Cloud Bakery Fornalia Drops Konafa Croissants

Fornalia ate and left no konafa crumbs

Riham Issa

Call up all your hardcore croissants-lover besties because Fornalia’s bakery has just Ramadan-ified flaky French pastries.

Amidst Ramadan’s Konaffa shenanigans - and the myriad of sweet concoctions flooding every ozoomah - cloud bakery Fornalia gave konafa (Ramadan’s diva) the ultimate French girl glam. The buttery ‘cronafa’ wraps the classic dough in golden streaks of crispy konafa and comes with four different fillings including Nutella, Lotus, dates and pistachio cream. Alongside the crispy concoction, is another oriental twist on a French pastry staple - the Pain L’Oriental. Better described as Pain au Chocolat’s hotter sister, the creation is a sweet middleground for those unwilling to compromise basboosa is pursuit of pastry consumption this Ramadan season.


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