Saturday July 13th, 2024
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Conitta Adds C Éclairs to Their Menu

This summer, Conitta continues to reign the world of ice cream with a fresh concoction.

Layla Raik

Every summer, Conitta reigns superior over our spontaneous scorching Saturday outings, thanks to their slightly eccentric, expansive menu of desserts that, in one way or another, are ice cream. If you held a gun to our head and asked us to recall exactly how many of their signature C Tacos we’ve gobbled down in summer 2023 alone, we’d have to start planning our funeral menu (preferably filled with more of Conitta’s ice-cream-based desserts).

This summer, Conitta introduces a new, undoubtedly ice-cream-based, concoction to their menu: C Éclairs. The dessert is essentially a regular éclair, but instead of chocolate or custard filling, you’re given a hefty scoop of ice cream, covered in toppings of your choice. The éclair comes in four flavours: nutty pistachio, velvety tiramisu, crunchy chocolate and sickly sweet honeycomb.


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