Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Dippy’s is the Fried Chicken Truck Putting the Sauce in ‘Saucy’

What if we told you, you CAN dip your sides in Peri Peri sauce too (judgement notwithstanding).

Raïs Saleh

In the realm of gustatory pleasures, few encounters evoke primal satisfaction quite like the affair with fried chicken. The delicate equilibrium between that alluringly crisp exterior and the succulent, tender innards - a harmonious symphony of textures - can linger on the palate for days. Amid the bustling avenues of New Cairo, a new gastronomic endeavour emerges: Dippy’s, the city's freshest fried chicken destination. Nestled within the welcoming embrace of Leven Square Mall, just a stone's throw from Garden 8, this new epicurean haven has swiftly ascended to claim its rightful throne in the hearts of local Gen Z food aficionados.

Merely a moon's cycle old, Dippy's, the self-proclaimed "first fried chicken truck in Egypt," has harnessed the power of novelty to captivate discerning palates. Nurtured by a family legacy rooted in the art of crafting homemade spices that have found their way into countless culinary establishments, Dippy's is the embodiment of this heritage distilled into an irresistible offering. “We are originally a family business specialised in homemade spices, which we now sell to numerous food chains. Due to this, our special sauce menu is made from premium-quality spices,” divulged Noha Mohamed, one of Dippy's enterprising co-founders, in a candid exchange with SceneEats.

Steering the course of tradition into a realm of experimentation, Dippy's deploys its arsenal of premium spices to concoct a roster of sauces that promise to elevate every bite. The pièce de résistance: a golden crown of fried chicken, adorned with your pick of seven distinct sauces, from the spirited Peri Peri to the beguiling Honey Mustard. Nestled beside these culinary protagonists are the tried-and-true comrades - zesty coleslaw that invigorates the palate and salt-laden fries that beckon to be savoured. Noha extols the unique essence of their offering: “What makes our fried chicken special is the breading which is imported from abroad. It is unlike any other in Egypt.”

Beyond the borders of traditional fare, Dippy's entices with a symphony of sandwiches. Succulent chicken breasts, ensconced in a tender crust - spiced or mild - rest upon buns glazed with the whisper of herbaceous butter. For the devotees of fire, Dippy's beckons with a symphony of spice. The siren call of the "spicy crunch" reverberates, while the Peri Peri sauce tantalisingly tickles the taste buds. An imminent spectacle, the "cheese bomb sandwich," is set to detonate, promising a molten cascade of cheese that will ignite the senses, as Noha tantalisingly shared, "it will quite literally explode in your mouth."

And what feast is complete without libations? Dippy's curated drinks menu hosts a delightful revelation - popping boba sodas. Imbibed from petite plastic bags adorning straws, these effervescent concoctions merge with popping boba, offering a symphony of flavours ranging from blueberry and passion fruit to bubblegum and classic cola.


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