Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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Downtown Cairo's Al-Hagga Serves Piping Hot Hero Sandwiches

It turns out a mother’s love really elevates your typical street kebda sandwiches.

Layla Raik

Strolling down Oraby Street on one of our many Downtown Cairo crusades, a strange familiar energy (that we later identified as the smell of delicious sandwiches) drew us to an adorable corner store with a protruding grill and possibly the sweetest auntie we’ve ever come across: El-Hagga.

Hearts stolen, we ventured deeper only to find that El-Hagga crafts the classic Egyptian street food favourites. From kebda iskandarani and excessively-seasoned sausages to juicy kofta, all are expertly stuffed in trusty fino loaves with more than a sprinkle of a true mother’s love to create a (super scrumptious) remedy for a tired hearts.

For a taste of the warm embrace of our collective newly-adopted mother, and the soul-fortifying sammies she carefully builds, visit her little shop at 6 Oraby Street, Downtown Cairo.


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