The luxury dining scene in Alexandria can get a little redundant at times. Where do you go after exhausting date options at every Italian, American or seafood cuisine spot around the city (at which you’re surely run into someone you know)? This is why Bin Aqool, a new super chic Kuwaiti restaurant keeping the Golden Arab age alive, is our new go-to for opulent dining.

Welcoming you into a green and brown terrene haven that brings the magic of the desert to you on a plate of gold (plus literal gold cutlery, because what else would a Kuwaiti eat with?) The first of its kind in Egypt, the Wabour Al-Mayah based spot mixes contemporary and classic using eloquent displays of Islamic designs as well as the sleek arches and metallic lamps that serve to keep millennial minds at ease.

A delicious fusion of Arabian, Iranian, and Mesopotamian cuisines, Kuwaiti food treads that fine line of familiar but inquisitive (perfect for idle discovery). From balaleet noodles that hold ramen up to the test, to delicious vegetarian maqlooba to the signature machboos - Bin Aqool is the eatery reaffirming our Arab heritage one delicious bite at a time.