King of the grill El-Dahan is keeping with the times and coming through with a fully-fledged ready-to-grill menu, so you can recreate your fave barbecue dishes right from your home – while upholding social distancing etiquette of course, so no BBQ parties. The frozen meals are deliciously marinated in El-Dahan’s signature irresistible flavour.

The selection of ready-to-grill meals includes shish tawook, lamb ribs, lamb kebab, oriental sausage, pigeon, liver, quail, chicken, kofta and more. (We’re not drooling, you’re drooling). They also offer ready-to-fry hamam mahshy and ready-to-bake hawawshy, and we def 10000000% support this mutually beneficial move by Al-Dahan, and so do our bellies.

To make an order, call 16194.