Cairo’s slowly creeping back into life, and be it these news are for better or for worse, one thing’s for sure: fridges have been raided in the past few months at alarming rates. And as much as we loved not caring about the summer bod this summer, we just got scammed because now there might be a summer after all. 

If you’re looking to get back on track by substituting your diet with low-cal options, or you’re just looking to, you know, lead a healthy lifestyle regardless, this Facebook online store might just be your saviour.

El Coach is curating and selling all the best food products to keep you fit, and even trying to give you healthier alternatives for your guilty pleasures. From the weight loss-friendly green coffee beans to high-protein muffins, the online store delivers and also provides you with exact recipes so you can recreate these healthy treats at home.

Now if you'll excuse, we'll be staying home (as all of you should) binge-watching the new season of Dark with some guilt-free snacks.