Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Famed Pizzeria What The Crust Opens in Sheikh Zayed

The newly-installed pizza truck just parked at Sheikh Zayed’s Capital Promenade.

Layla Raik

2023 is the year of the pizza. Source? Everyone’s favourite pizzeria What The Crust is making history nationwide, worldwide (as it was recently crowned 10th best pizzeria in the world) and, most recently, citywide, as it expands to its 3rd Cairo branch in Zayed’s Capital Promenade to bring the new year festivities alive in the heart of every Zayed pizza lover.

Specialising in Neapolitan pies, WTC has been sprinkling oven-baked love throughout Cairo and stealing the hearts of many a foodie, for years on end. As the only AVPN-affiliated pizzeria in Africa, the eatery pays their craft true respect with worship ceremonies at the foot of handcrafted Neapolitan ovens and Italian-imported ingredients that have us pledging eternity in their name and travelling miles (from Zayed to Maadi) for their goodies - but you don’t have to anymore. A quick drive to Capital Promenade will find you drooling in front of their newly-installed truck.


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