Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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Feluccas Are Canceled in 2021 Because Donut Boat Is Here

Okay, wait. Feluccas are not, like, canceled. We're just happy the new year is treating us with new things to play with.

Staff Writer

Feluccas are such old news. Donut boats are the new feluccas! And no, they don’t serve dougnuts. The boat is just shaped like a doughnut! Close enough. Sorry, but also not sorry. Donut Boat is the first ever boat in Egypt in the shape of a doughnut that takes you away into the Nile River to ease your mind and get away from crazy Egypt traffic.

This 60-90 minute boat ride is a private boat that can take up to nine people! You have the option to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner on the boat, depending on your mood! Jam out to your own music. 


This boat can be rented for birthday tings, graduation parties, romantic Nile cruises or anything tbh! You can also bring doughnuts to your special event on your boat to make it a literal doughnut boat. Who needs an excuse to ride deep through the Nile River with delicious food? No one.

For booking contact them at: +2 0128 299 7779.


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