With the pandemic on our tails for the past year, not many of us have really been able to go about the luxuries of yesteryear. Amongst, well, a lot, we really miss traveling. Notably, obviously, the eating portion of the whole thing. There are very little things as exciting and satisfying as being a stranger in a city, sitting down at a cute little restaurant, and going on a gastro-tour of your host country through the dish laid out on the table (bonus points if it’s really carb-y).

We promise we’re not just being romantic and misty-eyed for no reason. The new restaurant, Flats, did this to us. Flats is the new spot in Cairo specialising in making flatbreads from all around the world, but from the practicality of their New Cairo branch at Maxim Mall. So, yes, you’re still getting that gastro-world tour we mentioned earlier, all is not lost.

Lebanon, Turkey, France, Italy, America, Spain, Poland, Greece, and circling back to the homeland, Egypt- Flats is sorta setting us up for a flatbread passport. Whether you’re in the mood for zaatar mana’eesh that make you feel like you’re in the heart of downtown Beirut, tart flambee fit for the French-iest of countrysides, or Polish zapiekanka that earns you cultured-bragging rights at the table, Flats’ menu is brimming with dough-y carb-y goodness.