Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Fresh Wild Fish Is Coming Thru From the Red Sea With Fish Cart

Fresh Cart are going to make quite the splash in your life, hunty.

Staff Writer

The traditional seafood meal with the fam is a very essential thing to us Egyptians, and we’ve just stumbled upon a brand that’s going to shatter this entire concept to build a more refined and elevated version for the iconic seafood fiesta. That said brand happens to be Fish Cart, and the reason we’re obsessed with them is that they’ve ignited a love within us towards wild Red Sea fish that we never even thought of before, such as nagel, mahi mahi, drak, hamoor, tuna.

The brand came to be in 2020 when founders Mohamed Rateb, Omar Khalifa and Omar Amer found a gap in the market when it came to wild fish, they tell us. Ordering or eating out has become problematic because not only do you have to spend so much money on unworthy foods but you also have to worry about Miss Rona. Now this is where this fish house comes in to solve these problems and make us live our best seafood life. 

You’re probz asking how will one accomplish the above? Fish Cart easily stands out in a sea of phosphorus because the fish they have is not farmed or modified and hasn’t been subjected to any human interference. Oh, it’s also fresh af (with them being packaged only 20 minutes away from where they are caught) and given to customers with the caloric count on the back so you know what’s up at all times. Lastly, you can find them at Gourmet, their website or their shop at El Gouna; meaning, you can start your new seafood life now.

Fish Cart hopes to make quaran-eating your next order of seafood not only much more nomnomnom-inducing but very, very easy. We have no choice but to stan. 


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