Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Fyngan: Let’s Talk about the Coffee Upgrade of the Decade

We’re talking ‘don’t talk to me till I’ve had my single origin fresh roast cold brew coffee’ to the next level.

Zeina Ali

Whether it's saving your day before it even begins, saving other people from your unaccounted-for wrath, or just guaranteeing that most interactions after 10 am result in the least amount of casualties, the perfect cup of coffee can do just about anything. 

Lucky for us (and for mankind at large), Fyngan is making the pursuit of your perfectly brewed cup of coffee that much easier, that bit more bougie, and ultimately curates a sexy refined experience all around. 

Fyngan doesn’t just source perfectly freshly roasted delicious little coffee beans from the best harvests available, they actually go on to deliver them straight to your doorstep in a personalised process to create the ideal ‘fyngan’ of coffee. “How could they possibly do that?”, you ask, bewildered, “I don’t even know what my perfect fyngan of coffee would be”; “Fyngan knows all”, we retort. 

The coffee connoisseurs have curated a questionnaire/personality quiz moment for you on their website. “The process begins by asking all sorts of details about your preferred brewing method and preferred notes to your coffee (yeah, notes, told you it was bougie af), and then giving you the coffee recommendation, based on all the details you provide”, said Fyngan to SceneEats. In other words, they’re here to bring you from the dark depths of instant coffee mornings and into single origin perfectly roasted, personalised coffee beans. 

Talk about the upgrade of the decade. 

Live your best life and dip your toes into coffee galore through their website via

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