Who said you can’t spoil yourself during quarantine with some Instagrammable brunch? Yes, we know having people over is a no no. But stuffing your face with your quaran-mate (if you’re lucky enough to not be Han Solo during these crazy times) is definitely an option you can explore. Should you not have one, however, you can always have a virtual brunch with the squad on Zoom. That’s where Whisk Catering comes in

From gorj AF brunches to super adorbz canapes and so much more, Whisk delivers all dem brunch needs right to your doorstep. And with us not even losing the concept of time rn, it’s definitely always brunch time. 

Oh and by the way, you can order your food half way done, so you can finish cooking it in your very own kitchen. So there is no need for you to a) leave your home. b) mess up and clean your kitchen. c) cook from scratch. 

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have a brunch to plan.