Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Hola Tacos Is New Cairo’s Newest Spot for Mexican Food Stans

Hola Tacos is a new haven for all things tacos, burritos and quesadillas.

Scene Eats

Here at SceneEats, as much as we continuously strive to be all-inclusive of all different foods and cuisines, we will forever have a sweet spot for Mexican food and – in particular – the humble taco. We reject the notion that tacos are reserved for Tuesdays, but instead wholeheartedly believe they should be eaten any day, whenever the mood strikes. Looking to celebrate the love of the dish is a new Mexican pot in the LakeView Clubhouse called 'Hola Tacos’ which keeps it simple with a menu mainly consisting of tacos, burritos and quesadillas. 

With a short and sweet menu, the spot serves the addictive chips with chilli con carne or your choice of dips (guacamole, avocado buttermilk, mint sour cream, Mexican salsa – and for an Egyptian special feature, tahini and tomeyya and their ‘habal-ero’ dip). You could also opt for loaded pulled beef nachos to start. ‘Hola Tacos’ serves chicken,  shrimp (grilled or fried) and beef tacos, with the option of using shawarma beef instead (for tacos and burritos). If you’re more of a quesadilla stan, the spot serves chicken barbeque, cheese, and vegetable quesadillas, with roz con leche (rice pudding) for dessert.

You can peruse the spot’s menu at @itsholatacos.


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