From Ethiopian Arabica with floral blueberry notes, to nutty Brazilian beans with hints of dark chocolate, new Egyptian brand, Brown Nose, has curated a unique range of roasts to suit every coffee connoisseur, by bringing a little science to the art of coffee.

“We would like coffee roasting to be treated the way that fine winemaking is,” co-founder, Omar Abdallah, told #SceneEats of a passion project that he balances with his work in real estate. Alongside co-founders, banker Medhat Hassanein and entrepreneurs Serag Meneassy and Taymour Sabry, the brains behind the brew have made it their mission to lift Egypt from its epidemic of cheap instant-mix and tap into the global third wave coffee movement, which encourages the production and appreciation of coffee as an artisanal food.

Where does the science come in? Well, Brown Nose’s high-tech roastery that uses advanced computer software to help perfect their eclectic and sometimes experimental coffees. The long term goal is to have Brown Nose Coffee sold in supermarkets and sipped across Egyptian coffeeshops, but in the meantime, you can make orders through Brown Nose Coffee's Facebook which delivers in 48 hours.