In light of the New Year’s health-centric resolutions that everyone’s already swiftly tossed out the window - upon indulging in leftovers all week - Jordan’s Famous Bakery, Milk Cake, has made its way to Egypt. Poking more holes into already existing bullet wounds (because well, their lotus drenched waffles exist and now our ready-made salad pouches are expiring) the famed bakery is satiating deeply-rooted dessert-affiliated daydreams. 

Inhale mouthfuls of freshly baked sponge cakes, wrapped in ice cream and dripping in sweet pistachio sauce as you adoringly gaze into the eyes of your one true love and wipe the excess flavour off your - now sticky - chin. As the concoction breeds a new home in your body, wash down the syrupy wreck with platefuls of crisply cut salads and convince your dwindling immune system that the damages incurred were but a miniscule blip in the food matrix. 

Located in New Cairo’s Trivium Square, Milk Cake Bakery boasts cosy interiors that beckon visitors to discard the world and its menial woes and indulge in warm delicacies and fudge-infused brownies.