Lemon Black is a tucked away cafe in the heart of bustling Heliopolis serving up seriously good vibes with their vibrant outdoor space and sleek, modern design. People are eating up their laid-back menu full of all our fav junk food concoctions. This is the kind of feel-good café you go to with the gang, when you need a real mood booster. The vivid interior and subtle yellow highlights that run through the place engulfs you in a cheerful and festive atmosphere that’s only complemented by its menu packed to the brim with yummy comfort food. 

We’re talking massive pizza burgers, oozing with cheese and ginormous family-sized pizzas topped with whatever the ‘eff you want. Be sure to give their Lemon Black Pasta a try, loaded with creamy lemon sauce, rosemary, sweet corn and, of course, tons of mozzarella cheese. The dish is well-balanced with the cream and lemon delicately mingling with the fragrant rosemary. You a sandwich girl? Lemon Black hears ya. They have a bunch of yummy sammies for you to snack on. If you’re REALLY hungry obvs go for one of their chicken or beef main plates (they have a mean Beef Stroganoff that you should not hastily overlook). No one leaves Lemon Black with an empty stomach.

Of course, they’ve got all the café drink goodies with their fine repertoire of hot and iced drinks. Also VERY IMPORTANT, something you may miss in their menu that you absolutely should NOT is their Lemon Black Bubbles Drink. No, this is not some strange fizzy, soda concoction. It’s actually their own version of Bubble Tea! Ya, so sip on that and let us know what you think.