You no longer need 50 Cent. Maadi’s newest arrival is taking you the candy shop their very selves, with the opening of Candy Store, Cairo’s newest candy megastore. Our inner child is practically in shambles at all the sugar-fuelled possibilities. 

We know that you’re acquainted with those candy kiosks in the mall that sell gummies by the gram, but we want you to imagine what that would look like from floor to ceiling on multiple walls. It’s stomach churning in all the best ways. 

They stock quite literally everything from our favourite chocolates, stuffed cones, chips, cookies, drinks, spreads, pastries, ice cream, and weirdly enough burger condiments. Big Tasty sauce, they got it.  

The store already has two branches in Heliopolis and Nasr City, but has entered Maadi with a new Algeria Square location. Hit them up at +2 0103 0000 181.