We’re lowkey sad that Ramadan is over, but highkey happy that we, at least, get to have breakfasts, lunches and dinners whenever we want to. Mostly so we can do that whilst feasting our eyes on the Pyramids of Giza at 139.

Located inside Marriott Mena House, the eatery is equipped with all the necessary ammo to provide you the ultimate gastronomical experience...with a touch of history. Their latest offering sees them comin’ thru with international cuisine classics, with salad & apps options like their beetroot carpaccio and arugula salad. They also now make a hearty Mediterranean seafood soup with all the fruits of the sea, as well as halloumi panini.

When it comes to mains, they now serve surf & turf, making you have the best of both worlds because you deserve nothing more. Their long list of yumtastic mashawy still shines on their menu, however, they now have grilled mixed seafood, veal milanese and braised lamb shank. 

For dessert, their new concoctions include walnut brownies (walnut and Marriott Mena House are having a moment and we’re here for it), creme brulee, chocolate eclair and mango tart trio. In the words of a very wise woman (*coughs* Paris Hilton *coughs*), that’s hot.

Nothing beats a stunning view, fab menu and delish services, and that’s the 139 experience. Get it by calling 02 33773222..