Saturday July 13th, 2024
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Matbakhii is the Home-Cooking Service Putting Our Mums to Shame

Matbakhii’s home catering menu literally has more options than our life.

Kurt Galalah

Whipping up some serious home cooking for the seriously culinarily-challenged, Matbakhii is exactly how you would imagine the Instagram of an Egyptian mum on steroids to be—endless in variety and intensely delicious. It’s some very serious stuff.

The aptly named catering service is the most homey food service we’ve seen in a minute. Their menu is extensive to say the least. Short of sushi, we can’t spot a single thing missing. From mini sandwiches, baklawa, waraq enab, birthday cakes, spring rolls, date caramel cake, we couldn’t list everything if we tried. It’s bigger than Spectra’s menu, and we all know how long that textbook of a thing is.

Matbakhii delivers all over Cairo, and takes orders two to three days in advance. To order from the home catering business, call or WhatsApp +2 011 595 51250.


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