Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Mazeej Is the Brand That'll Let You Travel All Over the World With Their Spices

Just when we thought only the Spice Girls could spice up our life.

Staff Writer

You can now have world flavours in your kitchen all at once! Who even needs to travel anymore when everything can come right to you? Mazeej Goodies can do exactly that by making flavourgasms in a jar in the form of different spice blends from all over the world!

A blend for everything: one for pizza, another for Moroccan tagine, Mexican burrito, Indian masala -- you name it!


To make sure their products are top notch and 100% healthy, they use purely organic products and plants because organic ingredients means fresher products. These spices are brought from all over the world, dried and mixed together to make a special blend for any special dish. Their goal is to take your cooking and taste buds to a whole other level and basically bring you back to your favourite country by not actually being there. Is this what teleporting looks like?

Their spices range from Italian seasoning to za’atar dakka and your commonly used spices like cumin, smoked paprika and our favourite, sun-dried onion flakes. You do know what this means right? No more drama and tears when cutting an onion. Win.


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