It's been 4728397489234789234729 days since the world we knew ceased to exist and was taken over by Miss Rona. All we do now is stay home and eat. That's it. Except, that also got boring. Why? Because we've pretty much eaten everything. Like, everything. Nestle's Mega Ice Cream decided to change things up a little bit for our quarantine and release four new flavours out of nowhere and rescue 2020. 

The new Mega treats come in honeycomb, peanut butter, brownies and coffee -- essentially meaning that there's no room for you to want anything more tbh. They serve as the perfect iftar dessert. Or iftar itself. Or the only thing you need to consume to survive. 

You can get your hands on them from your nearest store, however, we would obvs reccomend not leaving your home (not even for them, we know), and just getting them delivered right to you. Mega themselves can do so if you message them via WhatsApp on 01226280405  or use Otlob's Kushk service.