Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Nasr City's Villa Beirut Is Straight Out of A Lebanese Fairytale

Ya Allah! This hidden gem of a restaurant is where all of your Lebanese dreams come to life.

Badreya Electroneya

Nestled inside Nasr City’s Al Masa Hotel is an absolutely gorj boutique restaurant called Villa Beirut. The space has a stellar interior that is truly serving fairytale realness. 

The spot encompasses all aspects of Lebanese cuisine in premium quality. They have a set of staple starters like tabouleh that comes in the form of a parsley burger salad, fattoush but wrapped in pita bread with veggies, and labneh that is served with their secret dressing. Moving onto their mains department, they have an exquisite selection of shawerma, laban ummah (beef drowning in garlic yogurt) served with a side of rice and almonds.   They also provide a grilled section that is flooded with plenty of options, making it hard for you to decide. However, we stan their Villa Beirut Grilled’ that comes equipped with a plate of kebab, kofta, shish tawook and veal chops.

Villa Beirut is open everyday from 11:45 AM until 11:45 PM. For reservations, call them on: 01272999501.


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