Remember when it was the early 2010s and everyone decided to open a cupcake shop for absolutely no reason. Well, the same thing is happening right now except it's bakeries. Everyone who thinks they can bake has opened up a bakery that no one asked for. This is why it's refreshing to see something like Butlers Bakery.

This new spot is unique because it doesn't just make bread or croissants, Butlers takes you on a multinational journey through five cuisines under one roof! It appears that The Drive by The Waterway is the gift that keeps on giving because Butlers is one hell of a treat. Brought by catering kweens Butlers & Co, this one-of-a-kind restaurant takes dishes -- from Egyptian, to French, Thai, Mexican, Italian and American cuisines -- and adds their own little twist to make it special. Let us explain. We'd usually be against a restaurant that has 65 items on their menu, but we're here for it when it comes to Butlers because they ain't playin'. They've got things like feteer tacos, angus focaccia, Egyptian-Swiss rolls, Thai shrimp salads and rumi cheese sandwiches.

What truly makes the experience pop (yes, pop) is the large diversity in atmospheric offerings available at Butlers. Looking for something quick? Hit the drive through. Are you with your family? Sit down downstairs with Fayrouz playing in the background! There to work? Get a seat upstairs with the beautiful sun and isolate from the hustle and bustle of central New Cairo!