Sunday June 16th, 2024
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New Cairo’s ToasTio Serves Literally Everything on Toast

ToasTio puts anything & everything on roasted brioche bread and, honestly, we’d be toast without it.

Layla Raik

A victor of the plain and ordinary, the simple toast stands testament that everything is not what it seems, especially at New Cairo spot ToasTio, where the simple loaf is transported to unprecedented breadths of flavour for all meals of the day.

Crafting delicate, creamy, meticulously roasted brioche bread that melts in your mouth as the base for all of their toasties, ToasTio has transformed the square loaf from a breakfast-exclusive delicacy into an all-meal staple, with both beef and chicken options. Sure, a steak between two sumptuous slices of toast is not what you picture when a friend suggests a quick Philly Cheesesteak run, but was it not what you needed all along?

Something about the (literal) sandwiching of concepts that are so drastically different creates a delectable fusion that’s almost addictive. The store’s pesto chicken, for example, manages to fit an entire culinary venture - and a wonderfully filling meal - within two modest slices of toast, and you just can’t get enough of it. It’s almost compulsive.

What really keeps us coming back for more, though, is ToasTio’s dessert menu. Pinning the french toast as its focal point, the eatery brings you four variations of the Parisian treat: the fruit-encrusted classic, the nutty rocher, the salted caramel lotus fiasco and - le piece de resistance - the Halawa french toast, paired with crushed pistachio and complementary sauce.

On especially hard days, a quick morning detour to ToasTio on Arabella Street, New Cairo, could mean the added company of a delicious brioche and adorable bear-themed coffee on the drive to work for you and the bestie. Or, if you’re feeling more homebound, just call 01007458328 to get your toasties at your doorstep.


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