If there’s one core memory none of us can ever forget, it’s that one time when Oprah went up on national television and spoke three gorgeous words: “I love Bread”, which then became an internet-culture-changing meme. 

No matter how much of a health nut you pretend to be, your knees will still get weak at the sight of a freshly baked loaf of bread. You can smell, hear, and feel it with your heart as it emerges from the oven, its golden glory and rich aroma engulfing you in its warm embrace.  

Perched on Mivida Lake District’s pretty roof is a small brunch spot that will make your inner aesthetic-obsessed girly scream. Toastable is the spot that your favorite talk-show host would vouch for (but we’re still unsure about what Amina Shelbaya would think).

The base is toast; sourdough, ciabatta, or bagels - if you’re that person - which you can then customize into whatever sandwich you’re craving most from their range of fresh ingredients. Whether you’re fantasizing about a poached egg moment, fish, chicken, steak or your sweet tooth decided to make itself known, Toastable has your carb cravings covered. 

We recommend their ciabatta pizza, between the crispy bread, zesty sauce, and stringy cheese, it provides all the comfort you’d need after a hectic work week or on a lazy Friday morning. They didn’t forget about the vegetarian babes either, they get their own pizza too. 

If the thought of having bread seems inconceivable to you - okay, sociopath - Toastable makes delicious salads. When your crack their Salmon Bouquet Salad open, a mountain of brunoise tomatoes, mint, parsley, and capers, drenched in a citrusy dressing, will tumble out beautifully. Toastable’s truffle fries are also the perfect meal companion, you’ll want to eat them with sandwiches, salad, or even on their own. 

The minute that craving for a juicy and comforting sandwich hits, drive your gorgeous gorgeous self to Mivida and pay them a visit.