Founded by 20-year-old swimmer and coach, Haidy Mahrous, Nuttiest Butters is the newest player in the nut butter game with a health-focused goal. The new business came into fruition after the young athlete decided to make some dietary changes to her lifestyle so she could keep in shape, but has since blossomed into a gorgeous medley of hazelnut, almond, walnut, and peanut butters. Our favourite though? The Nocciolata, aka Mahrous’s take on healthy Nutella.

“I decided to cut off refined sugars because of how it affects the immunity and health. I decided to try doing my own nut butters at home, and started experimenting with chocolate later on,” Mahrous told SceneEats. After her brother, Karim, encouraged her to start selling her creations to the public, Nuttiest Butters was born.

Almost all of her products are totally vegan, with the walnut butter being the only exception due to the addition of honey. Everything else though is straight up nut butter with zero additives either with or without chocolate— although we don’t understand why you would choose the latter. 

“I do every batch per order so that it arrives fresh. We really want to reach everyone because our main aim is helping people live a healthier life and eat healthier food,” Mahrous said. To order and peruse the menu, visit Nuttiest Butters on their Instagram page.