Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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Experience Everything You Love about ESCA at Home with These Aesthetically-Stunning Recipe Videos

Hip ESCA-owner Ahmed Heggy is revealing the secrets of the contemp restaurant’s signature dishes through a new Instagram series.

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Many of you may know ESCA as the super-hip upscale contemporary restaurant in the heart of Heliopolis, and the restaurant is now here to tell us that – yes, we can sit with them (virtually) and they’ll dish the dirt – with their latest series of recipe videos – called ‘Revealing the Secrets’ - showing you how to make some of their signature dishes. The videos released so far – which maintain a super artistic and aesthetic, and most importantly, passionate vibe throughout – has featured the recipes for the restaurant’s ‘roasted sea bass’ and tips on how to make the Angus ‘Golden’ Burger’ (actually using edible gold), with a bunch more recipes in store.

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“We wanna show people that cooking can be cool,”  Ahmed Heggy, ESCA co-founder and owner, tells SceneEats. “Through our videos, not only do we show everyone how they can make their favourite ESCA dishes at home, but in the future, we plan to create videos that also tell our customers where they can source and buy top ingredients.”

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The series’ latest episode – the grilled octopus – shows viewers the entire process of making the dish, starting from buying the octopus in the market, all the way to the final result on the table, to truly give everyone a feel of how to source, understand and get more familiar with the food they cook.

To start cooking your dream lux dinners at home, check out the series on their Instagram


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