When in Obour, you tend to teach yourself not be that picky with the choices of restaurants you have there.  You'll probably have one option for sushi, none for Korean and the only mahshi that's worth eating there is from teita. Other than that, you seriously have no other option. But this is where Om Abdo comes in to change the game a little bit.

The molokhia from Om Abdo

Om Abdo boasts an Egyptian af menu that has all the traditional dishes you’d expect at an authentic Masry restaurant; plus a few more adventurous options for those wanting to try something different for once. Their latest invention is their chicken crispy pasta, loaded with breaded chicken, penne pasta, drowning in a rich white sauce and covered with a thicc layer of cheese—all baked in a traditional Egyptian brown clay ramekin.  Actually, did we mention ALL their dishes come in that nostalgic brown clay kitchenware? Yes, everything from their succulent grilled meats to their wide variety of robust tagines.

The eatery serves all the classic Egyptian dishes you grew up eating. They have all the Egyptian comfort food faves like molokhia, hamam mahshy, fattah mouza (lamb shank), and hawawshi.  The eatery itself is absolutely stunning with modern wooden seating (that matches perfectly with the clay plates), warm dim-lighting and beautiful green foliage draping over the walls. It has a really warm and comfortable atmosphere—a great choice for a dinner out with the fam.

The fattah from Om Abdo

You can find them opposite Carrefour or just call 'em up on +2 0103 377 7177 if you want them to come to you.