In the early days of millennial sulking, a brilliant coffee-craving mind made the groundbreaking decision to haul their laptop to an ordinary coffee shop, seeking solace in a cup of coffee amidst the burden of corporate dread. Since then, cafes worldwide have adjusted their focus to accommodate solitary studiers and determined workers - inadvertently transforming into breeding grounds for anxiety due to their noisy interiors and unreasonably fast-paced atmospheres.

However, the arrival of Genco's, an artisanal coffee shop on the streets of Maadi, has breathed new life into the stifling narrative - both literally and metaphorically - for Cairo's creative minds. Genco presents a serene oasis, adorned with verdant spaces, stripped down walls, and an inherent tranquillity that fosters rejuvenated thinking.

At the heart of Genco lies a similar grounding concept, inviting visitors to truly connect with their surroundings. While the unassuming simplicity of its Wabi-Sabi decor humbly serves as a backdrop, Genco's coffee flavours take centre stage, immersing patrons in a tantalising journey. Whether fueled by caffeine or not, people from all walks of life can savour Genco's offerings, ranging from the beloved barista Jimmy's special V60 brew to delectable caramelised mojitos and creamy pistachio lattes.