Donuts are already an irresistible treat as is. We mean, fried dough doused in tantalising sauces and stuffed with everything from fruit sweet fruit compote to lighter-than-air whipped creams—is there a more versatile and universally loved dessert? (rhetorical question). But there’s something especially enticing about mini donuts. Maybe it’s because they’re itsy bitsy and inherently cuter?

Maybe because they’re smaller so we feel a little less guilty about our indulgence? We can’t pinpoint exactly what makes mini donuts so tempting but we tried to find our answers in Oli’s Donuts in Tagamo3. This cutsie little spot in Downtown Mall is frying up old-fashioned donuts, glistening to perfection with a delightfully crispy exterior and incredibly soft and airy inside. These are different than your normal donut because they have a more cake-like texture, making them more of a rich indulgent treat.

Old-fashioned donuts are already unique as is but Oli’s goes all the way, paying special attention to every detail from start to finish. “Oli’s Donuts is different because we serve fresh old fashion donuts on the spot within minutes. All of our sauces and toppings are authentic and premium. We have a variety of sauces including kinder, pistachio, raspberry cheesecake, and our very own creamy lemon sauce,” says Oli’s Donuts to SceneEats.

We’re always down for new fried treats that come our way and this family-owned business is serving us exactly what we’re craving.