Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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Osteria: A Michelin-Led European Restaurant in New Cairo

Experience the vigour of European bistros in only a few bites at this Michelin-led restaurant in the heart of New Cairo.

Layla Raik

There come times in one’s life when everything feels a little stale; colours lose vibrancy, tasks slightly more tedious, and even food, our ever-lasting solace, just doesn’t taste the same. We find ourselves yearning for the type of zesty vigour you find in those old obscure European films - Kieślowski and Amélie included - that define whimsical eras. While an impromptu trip to the Austrian countryside may not be completely viable, we’ve managed to uncover the next best thing serving you the same zest in the form of a buoyant dining experience: Square One Mall’s Osteria.

Concocting a unique blend of the familiar and the elusively grand, Osteria has managed to foster an environment where you both feel perfectly at home, as you would in the humblest of bistros, while being encapsulated in a Gatsby-style elegant dining atmosphere, complete with emerald green interiors and gold accents.

The restaurant’s intricacy, reflected in its interior, extends to every single dish that leaves the bistro’s kitchen. Directed by Michelin chef Luke Fouracre, the restaurant creates dishes you’d think were on the cast of The Menu (2022). So delicately put together you’re almost scared to eat, everything from the restaurant’s beef carpaccio to their truffle parmesan flatbread to their elevated sea bass is, in essence, a feast for the senses. Establishing themselves as an upscale date spot, Osteria offers a range of dishes for two, making sharing as easy - and romantic! - as the Lady and the Tramp made it out to be. Their hay-smoked chateaubriand both melts in your mouth, and gets you melts the ice coating first date conversations.

For family outings, the restaurant offers a fresh change from the redundant nuggets & fries you end up slapping onto your picky critters’ plates, with a comprehensive children’s menu featuring a selection of starters, a main course (pasta, chicken or steak) and dessert.


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