Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Oxygen Serves Up Coffee, Burgers – and a Coffee Burger

The newly-opened Oxygen Cafe is a breath of fresh air in Sheikh Zayed’s West Arena Mall.

Catherine Johnson

Brunch is more than a meal – it’s a state of being. It’s good gossip, multiple beverages, an excuse to order a side of chilli fries with your pancakes. To all those who embrace brunch in its purest form, we give you a new spot for your pending approval: Oxygen Cafe.

Located in Sheikh Zayed’s West Arena mall, Oxygen only only boasts a wide variety of coffees, they’ve also got smoothies, milkshakes, flavoured iced teas, iced non-coffee beverages, and cocktails. This wide variety of beverages exemplifies the we-can-all-have-it-all mentality that every good brunchery should have, whether you are craving a banana cinnamon frappe, a brownie shake, or a (boring but no judgement) espresso shot.

Of course, once your benerages are in hand, it’s important to make sure that you have access to the entire breakfast-lunch spectrum. Once again, Oxygen shows up with pastas and pancakes, scrambles and sandwiches, burgers and beef bacon.

Lastly, a good brunch spot should have something that’s a bit of a – how should we say this? – delicious abomination. Just as the word “brunch” is a mashup of the words breakfast and lunch, a good brunch spot should have something that tests the boundaries of convention, and Oxygen does so with their limited-edition Coffee Burger, which is served with pickles, tomatoes, cheese and grilled beef bacon.


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