It’s hard to disagree with late queen Marilyn Monroe, but, especially after the boba revolution currently overtaking Egypt, we’d have to say pearls have displaced diamonds as a girl’s best friend. I mean, who hasn’t found comfort in the sweet bubbly hand of a cup of boba tea amidst awkward first dates and difficult conversations?

Despite its overwhelming popularity, the search for boba is often taxing. We’re constantly faced with concoctions that are too milkshake-y and boba that’s soggy, which is just too cruel of a feat to plough through. This is why when we heard that Taiwan’s Pao is coming all the way to Cairo - with both New Cairo and Sheikh Zayed locations - we knew that the search for picture-perfect boba was over.

“PAO is handcrafted with love,” Medhat Ehab, PAO’s Managing Partner, tells Scene Eats. “To guarantee quality and freshness, we happily serve a carefully selected variety of fruit and milk bubble teas topped with our freshly cooked tapioca pearls.”

PAO is not only satisfying our bubbled cravings, but also leading the way for never-seen-before scrumptious concoctions like crème brûlée, jasmine cream cheese and honeycomb cream cheese matcha boba, along with the classics. Pro tip: pair your boba with a signature PAO croffle (a croissant shaped waffle) for maximum enjoyment.

You can now visit the spot at New Cairo’s Drive by the Waterway and, soon, Twelve by the Platform, Sheikh Zayed.