Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Parà Bowls: Simplified Superfoods In the Heart of Arkan Plaza

This Arkan Plaza bowl joint is the new spot making sure we get our vitamins as deliciously as possible.

Layla Raik

In this modern day and age, when everyone everywhere is busy juggling more things than a waiter at a qahwa on a Ahly-Zamalek game night, it’s easy to say that ‘making it’ takes superhero energy. This is exactly what Arkan Plaza’s newest addition, Parà Bowls, sought to bring to the Sheikh Zayed conscious-eating scene: superfood to fuel superhumans.  

One of the wellness movement’s less commonly known delicacies are superfood bowls, AKA wellness bowls, which are a sort of seed-based pudding that features only foods that boost your overall health & energy for the day. That means you can ditch your crash-inducing morning cappuccino for something that both jumpstarts your work day AND fuels your body in all the right ways.  

Spanning a range of delicious bases, Para Bowls lets you have the superfood concoction of your dreams. Between the exotic earthy acai, the creamy coconut, the lightly sweet dragon fruit, and the super-superfood green bowls, Para allows you to take your experimentation skills way past the TikTok DIY witchcraft era.  

If you’re indecisive, you can simply opt for any of Para’s existing bowl-encapsulated creations. The green guru bowl works wonders for sleep-deprived hustlers (AKA half of the population in midterm season), and the purple lush bowl is a sweet treat - chocolate included! - from heaven.  

If you’re more of an iced-coffee-for-breakfast gal, Para’s smoothie selection is as extensive and, well, as super as its bowls. Superdrinks like Sweet Grass and Guacs & Co are exactly what you need by your laptop for maximum that-girl Instagram points. Or, you can go the old holy road of the pinkity drinkity, with Para’s Pink Bliss and Strawmana.


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