Saturday July 13th, 2024
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Réngàto Is the Cairo Restaurant That Serves Renga and Only Renga

This brand sells everything from traditional renga to Mexican-style renga, renga with ranch and a range of renga dips!

Staff Writer

Real renga stans (aka the only people we can trust) will know that renga needs no awkward family gathering at Sham El Nessim and that it is – indeed – a food for literally every occasion. Whether in a salad, a dip or in a freshly baked load of 3eesh balady, there’s nothing quite like renga's (aka smoked herring) heavenly smokiness and saltiness. Because of the typical tehina + green onion combo which often is also accompanied with one hundred mountains of bread, some of us choose to save renga as a treat to be kinder to our bodies – but Réngàto (founded in 2018) are here to honour renga in her own royal right; to allow her to shine like the kween she truly is sans 3eesh balady, and to make her part of a healthy, balanced meal. The brand also donates 7% of its profits to charitable causes across the country.

“We wanted to make renga something more healthy and move away from the need to eat it with so much bread, lots of oil and unhealthy ingredients” founder Heba El Halawany tells SceneEats, “We wanted to – instead - focus dishes that would add nutritional value through vegetables, providing something healthier that also compliments the amazing smoky taste of renga that we all know and love.”

Some of the dishes on the (virtual menu) include classics like plain renga, renga with tahini, and other more innovative dishes like renga with aubergine, veggies and their secret sauce, as well as renga with ranch (because we ship seafood and ranch forever) and Mexican renga salad which uses beans and corn. Réngàto also sell a range of dips like renga with spinach, onion or creamy ringa dip.

To start living your best renga life, order from Réngàto via DM or call them at +2 011 4012 3785 with delivery all across Cairo.



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