Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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Rooftop7000: Ramadan with a Side of #PyramidViewGoals

Nestled away inside the Great Pyramid Inn, this new spot is set to become everyone's favourite Insta hotspot.

Badreya Electroneya

We all deserve to be treated like the royalty we are on the inside, with a huge emphasis on feeling like a queen. So, do we deserve all the finest things in life like Mrs. Del Rey said? Not necessarily, but this new spot we’ve allocated will help induce our overly expressive delusional self-confidence.  

Her name is Rooftop7000 and she’s situated on the Great Pyramid Inn’s rooftop overlooking the most iconic Seven Wonder of the World. The restaurant is giving you views for days in the most Instagrammable of ways, henny. They also make for an amaze early brunch spot for yum Egyptian food so you can live your best life after Ramadan.  

Rooftop7000's Ramadan spread

Rooftop7000 currently has a Ramadan set menu, meaning your utmost uniquely iconic iftar and sohour moments are awaiting you. Expect to have all the classics, and then some.


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